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Putnam Acres Care Center

10170 Rd 5H
Ottawa, OH 45875
(419) 523-4092

E-mail: Email here Resident Email: Resident Email For a list of contact information of management staff members, please go to
Putnam Acres Management Staff.

Map and Directions

Map to Putnam Acres Care Center

Directions to Putnam Acres Care Center

Important Contacts

Long-Term Care Ombudsman


Medicaid Office

Putnam County Department of Job and Family Services

(419) 523-4580


1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

Social Security Administration

Local office:
401 West North Street
Lima, OH 45801
(419) 228-7401

Putnam County Council on Aging

419) 523-4121

Front entrance of Putnam Acres Care Center

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